Punch Line

Punch Line is a bar-restaurant starring singing waiters,
a rich menu with a terrific range of tastes and aromas – plus a great bar atmosphere, with entertainment, singing, and dynamic disco, in all languages ​​and every rhythm possible.
Every night we host a celebration of good food and good music.
Events at Punch Line
We host private or corporate events for any number of guests, up to 200 guests.
And the Punch Line crew comes to the site of your choice, and creates an original, prestigious Event with Rhythm – it includes a thrilling show, singing, a DJ, a dynamic disco and more ...
** Birthdays ** **  Brit / Baby-naming celebrations / Bar and Bat Mitzvah *** Stag and Bachelorette Parties ** ** ** Team-building parties **** New job celebrations ***… in fact any reason in the world for a party!
Birthday at Punch Line?
Cake + fireworks + a gift song  - all free!
Proposal at Punch Line
Looking for an original, creative, and romantic way to tell her she's “The One”? At Punch Line we organize especially exciting proposals. You give her the surprise of her life, on-stage, with all your friends and family close-by.
Our singing wait-staff will invite you “randomly” to come and sing with them, and then they'll bring your future wife for a duet ...
Once you're holding the mic - you kneel and take over...  and what's left is for us to wish you a huge Mazal Tov, and keep on making your evening a fun and special one.
Reunions at Punch Line
Whether it's friends from kindergarten, school, or the neighborhood, army, college or work – it's always great to meet friends you haven't seen for years…and with no hassle or effort. 
Punch Line creates a nostalgic evening - from start to finish. We do in-depth investigations, find your friends, create complex presentations of old photos, we facilitate the event, with songs and dances from the specific period, food and drinks...and most importantly – it's an exciting get-together of guys and girls from...way back when!
Wine-cellar evenings at Punch Line
A guest vocalist with Israeli songs, with audience participation, on various evenings.

Business Card

International, Bar - Restaurant, Meat, Israeli, Singing Waiters
6 Ha'Arba'a Street, Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv
Phone: 0539444024
Fax: 03-5613652
Activity Hours:
Sunday – Thursday, 20:00 until the last customer
Motzaei Shabbat - until the last customer
Price Per Diner
according to the menu
Payment Methods
credit and cash
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